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Dr. Manuel D. Cuevas Jr.
International Director

Pneumapsychology can be considered today as an alternative approach to psychology. Whereas "secular" psychology tends to ignore the foundational truths revealed by the Scripture concerning man, his spiritual problem and manifested behavior. And while it's theoretical framework and various perspectives about man being the invention of numerous human thinkers (founders) has led to confusion of approach, rivalry of behavioral concepts and different professional preference of the psychologist in the so called "ecclectic approach". Pneumapsychology on the other hand, had absolute truth, following the path of the Scripture so that it cannot err concerning human behavior, the psychological condition and it's treatment.

The Scripture therefore, is the frame of reference about man and out of such foundation concerning behavior and the mental condition,the Pneumapsychologist as a psychological counselor uses a clinical approach and theoretical framework compatible with Bible truths; and as a practicing scientist will deem to use only those biblical-psychological truths that are proven and established by legitimate science or has been documented by valid scientific experiments. He will not use in anyway anything that is contrary to logic, modern science or the conservative standard of man.

Pneumapsychology rather than purely "scientific", purposed to bring the balance between spirituality and science in counseling. It counsels individual from a highly-moral, highly-positive holistic point of view. It regards man as created in the image of God and as such will achieve best with God in the cultivation of good mental health. However it is not dogmatic in the sense that it will impose a brand of religion other than which is agreeable to the client/patient. But definetely as a way of achieving moral/ethical control over behavior as well as to attain positive qualities of inner disposition and relax attitude, God will be defined as part of the remedial process.

Pneumapsychological counseling is drug free and provides only purely verbal counseling and psychological analysis. Though the pneumapsychologist is trained and familiar with symptoms of brain damage or mental disorders of organic cause, such medical cases will be reffered to a medical doctor or a psychiatrist whose field of expertise it belongs. Pneumapsychology thrives only in the field of clinical counseling and is effective with non-organic psychological disorders or as part of a "rehabilitative process" for mental patients who are underway into recovery to prevent a relapse into anxiety.

By Dr. Manuel D. Cuevas Jr., Ed.D., Pneumapsy. D.
Clinical Pneumapsychologist / Educator

Human behavior is a broad field for there are many deviations. God said to Saul in regards to his behavior "you are kicking against the goads". Many people do not understand that when they misbehave or become dysfunctional in their minds and feelings they do not only destroy others who are affected by it but so are themselves. A person with bad attitude and character and personality problems bear the consequences of these malformation. Thus, the Scripture declares "whatsoever you sow, you shall reap".

What is Pneumapsychology?

Pneumapsychology-is the study of human behavior from a biblical- scientific point of view. It is also the study of the relationship between spirituality and the individual's psychological condition and how such relationship affects general behavior and mental health. From a psychopathological point of view, it studies attitudal behavior based on mental condition affected by the sinful nature called "defraction'.

Foundational Premise

1. The Bible is a psychology book and Jesus Christ is the greatest psychologist who ever lived. The Scriptures reveals and teaches a great deal about human behavior. Such disclosure of truth about human behavior should not be disregarded in modern study of psychology.

2. Good mental health is the goal of Christian teaching promoting emotional and spiritual serenity and vitalities as inner peace, inner harmony, faith and trust in the face of crisis, strong spiritual communication outlets dynamics towards God and man (serves as an ideal emotional outlet) and positive thinking essential qualities of good character, personality and wholesome mental health.

3. Man's behavior and mental health is strongly linked to good spiritually. Therefore bad mental health and bad behavior is an after effect of poor spirituality.

4. Personality and character problems and the emergence of a host of functional mental disorders are ill consequences of deviation from the Word and the moral and mental destruction engineered by the evil spirit imposed upon man's psyche system or mental program made morally weak through it's own sinful nature; on the other hand, succumbing to disruption of the phychological normal system through biological vulnerability. God allows such harm from Satan to punish man's disobedience to him and as a result of their rejection of his Word.

The 2 Aims of Pneumapsychology

1. To re-educate and reconstruct the person's mind through pneuma-psychological counseling of effective Logos therapy.

2. To regenerate the human spirit. So as to strengthen the spiritual base.

Who are the Pneumapsychological Counselors?

1. Pastors with training in Pneumapsychology- Pastors are effective at Logos Therapy ; the word "pastors and teachers" can be translated "pastors and counselors" (his dual function) or "ten thousands instructors" as "ten thousand counselors…"

2. Matured Christians with training in Pneumapsychology-Christians who are competent to counsel. How do you persuade an erring mind to good spiritually and good mental state? The answer is through counseling Gal.6.1-2

Why Is Pneumapsychological Counseling Necessary?

1. Because of the dire need to restructure the mentality of a person, its recorded memory and emotional data and bothering perceptions which becomes problematic at times, such dysfunctionalism that affects personality, character and one's mental state.

2. Because psychological maturity and vitality is linked to spiritual maturity and vitality. To effectively deal with the state of spirituality of a person in pneumapsychological counseling is to effectively deal with the psyche. A healthy psyche in turn, produces a healthy personality, sound character and pleasing overt behavior.

Important Clinical Teachings: Clinical Foundation

1. The human spirit is the only aspect of man that is regenerated when it is made new.
2. Flesh with its problematic psyche is to be renewed day by day. The physical psyche is the focus of intensive pneumapsychological counseling.

Philosophical Framework/Core Teachings

1. The human spirit's own psyche and capacity for consciousness is fused to the physical psyche at conception and birth making the two uni-operational (since bodily system is voluntarily at work also by itself). Though the spirit is considered the driver of the entire mental system, but using the physical brain organ is restricting the former to limited mental capacity and expressions and worst, is subject to sinful contamination due to biologically- acquired defect (sinful nature). Hence, the human spirit's complete mental freedom and consciousness apart from the brain is impossible, being temporary suspended while house in the earthly body. Thus, this sharing of operation with the brain (or using the brain in a uni-operational sense), the human spirit manifest existence is strictly confined to it's spiritual expression and awareness of the outside world through the human psyche. The best felt manifestation of the human spirit in the human psyche is through it's moral conscience, the hunger and thirst for spiritual things and other positive mental-emotional virtues Therefore Spirituality and psychological status is strongly linked together. One is made healthy by the other, especially good spirituality's impact on mental health. The strong relation between spirituality with the psyche is the source of mental health of the latter. Good spirituality affects general behavior and mental health.

2. Man's mental enemy is the devil in an attempt to destroy man's spirit has worked an attack made on the physical psyche thereby corrupting it and attempting to destroy it (mental illness) so that this man experience is what we refer to as 'psychological warfare. Therefore, the objective of counseling is to save the mind and heart from dysfunctional thinking and promote mental health and spiritual growth.

3. The mandate to counsel behavioral problems and functional mental disorders is given to Christians who are competent counselors capable to use logos therapy.

4. Man's aberrant behavioral problem is linked to the sinful nature called "Biologically-acquired defect". It is the corruptor of man's every decision and behavior. So that man becomes primarily self-centered. self-exalting, self-beneficial, and self-indulgent.

5. Highly-charged Negative emotions such as spiritual guilt, emotional sins and emotional stressors (S.E.S) form the basis forcharacter and personality problems (deviations) and mental dysfunction or illness. The design for the psyche outlet is in terms of spiritual-psychological outlet (as confessions and prayer) is effectively necessary to maintain a balance mind (non-schizophrenic).
6. Man's controlling factor and powerful agent for good behavior is a knowledge of God or his inner conscientious awareness and a Knowledge of the Word without such and while making this moral monitor callous makes man totally bent on evil. This necessitates the continues administration of the Logos therapy

7. Logos therapy is the most effective transformation of the mind and heart of the person effecting peace, harmony and mental health.

Clinical Practice Principles

1.Clinical Analysis is both spiritual analysis (pneuma-analysis) and psycho-analysis. Both are performed.

2. The patient is to be read like a living recording data machine.



3.The Patient is to be read with a Biologically-acquired Defects constructs or from Reconstructive-Deconstructive Continuum.

4.The Patient must be read from a Perception-based point of view or according to the principle of fixation focus

AIR Therapy
Angle view

5.Patient must be read according to the principle of several minds

6.Patient must be read according to the principle of Logos- Spiritual Vacuum (LSV)

7.Patient must be read according to principle of Emotional outlet Vacuum.(EOV)

Methods of Interview

1. The Psychological Table-Data Method (4 pt. Definition of life)

2. The C-Method (Container Method)

3. The Situation Analysis method

4. The E-Method (Emotion Analysis Method), guilt, stressors, emotional Sins.

5. Behavior and attitude interview method/Non-pattern method

6. Problem-focused interview method

Guide to Clinical Readings when listening to problems

1. Read Both hidden and overt behavior (inner context)
2. Assume that people will not tell all.
3. Assume people will behave like you behave
4. Assume people in the worst condition. Do not assume they are angels. They have sinful nature
5. Read through their pride
6. Read through the personality of the person
7. Read the real and complete problem
8. Read through lies and exaggeration
9. Read their motive
10. Find out the real highlight or the message they want to convey.Sometimes it is hidden in several messages.




Dr. Manuel Cuevas Jr.


Clinical Pastoral Studies course in Spirituality and Mental Health

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